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All standard heroclix figures are legal (unless otherwise specified). Games without an "age" listing are neither "golden age" or "modern age." Each Event will list what game elements are allowed or not allowed.

Sunday Events

Games Begin at 12:30


Tuesday Events

Basics - Games start at 6:30 unless otherwise noted.  On Tuesdays, we observe the following House Rules - You are required to have a physical copy of the current PAC and the current rules with you.   Having the PAC and the Rules is as much a requirement for participation in the event as paying the entry.

Pre-carded figures with the "KC" team ability will have all of the keywords of their WF set counterparts.

December 4, 2018 - "Family Game Night Pt. 1" - Tonight we put the minis aside and play board games.  Bring a superhero based board game and we will spend the night playing board games.  Please be mindful of space requirements.  (f/c)

December 11, 2018 - "A Little Nice." Construct a 400-point, Modern Age Team on which at least one figure is from the Battleworld set.  No additional game elements or colossal retaliation figures (or functional equivalent).  Each KO'd Bystander of 0 points scores your opponent 5 points.  No entry (f).

December 18, 2018 - "A Little Naughty." Buy two multi-figure boosters (DC or Marvel - No Halo).  We will draft.  You will construct a 500-point team.  Expospecs and other LE prizes.  Boosters are your entry. (c).

December 25, 2018 - No game!

January 1, 2019  -  "Something New."  Construct a 600-point force.  No feats, battlefield conditions, character equipment or resources.  Your starting force must include at least 6, on-table, multi-click figures, each of which comes from a set (or the associated Fast Forces or Starter) released in 2018.  (c).  $_.00. (I have been informed that the store is open). 

January 8, 2019 - "Family Game Night 2" Construct a 300-point force of standard characters (rulebook page 31(?)) with no additional game elements.  In addition, all characters on your force must be related - same comic book team, actually family members (Batman Family counts, but be careful with Spider-man Family).  If you are using Keyword relations, then the figures must have the same printed keyword.  All games will be played on indoor maps. (f). $_.00

January 15, 2019  -  "Out of Time."  Construct a 300- point force.  Figures from any age may be used.  No additional game elements except feats and additional team abilities. (c). $2.00. 

January 22, 2019  - "Floored, Again!" Choose DC, Marvel or other.  Construct a 400-point force from the chosen universe.  All game elements must be from the chosen universe (no Yu-Gi-Oh relics or resources).  At least 50%  of the points of your force must be from sets released in 2018. (f). $_.00.    

January 29, 2019 - "Mutant Mania" Construct a 400-point highlander team of X-Men allies (X- keyword) or X-Men enemies.  No additional game elements except additional team abilities.   (c). $_.00.


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